Friday, 13 November 2009

Well blow me down, a phone call

So, I just got a call from my local (Benelux) Sun Education rep to discuss my question on the impossibly steep pricing on their exams (for individuals anyway). He went through the usual blurb about how pricing is fixed, and at one point encouraged me to seek a SQL Server exam instead of MySQL, since it's cheaper

That is until Oracle takes over. Apparently their exam pricing is cheaper, but pigs will fly before prices drop I reckon.

I did get the feeling he didn't want to put anything in writing, partly because he couldn't make his point as eloquently if I had the chance to object formally (though I agreed with a lot of what he said), but I think also so as not to get nailed down. He didn't budge though, despite appealing to my potential as a fanboy.

What piqued my interest is how the rep mentioned "When Oracle takes over Sun, prcing is likely to come down as Oracle exams are cheaper than Sun at the moment.".

Really, he said "when". Last I checked the EU still had some issues to take on before this can all proceed...

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